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Palu'e is an Austronesian language of the Central Malayo-Polynesian group. It is spoken on an island just off the north coast of Flores, in southern Indonesia.

Rather than being all-encompassing, they seek to provide information on work currently or recently carried out at The Australian National University, with links to other work.

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  • Voice alternations
    Palu'e has no voice-marking morphology, but does display an alternation that results in changed grammatical status for the participants of a bivalent clause.
  • Basic dictionary
    Palu'e has not seen any earlier lexicographic work, so this wordlist can be taken as a first step towards making these materials more widely available.

    Metricality, morphemic structure, and stress
    Stress assignment in Palu'e is regular, but requires reference to a principle of foot-binarity and needs access to the morphemic structure of compounds.

    Some other pictures of Palu'e people: Edo, reading a dictionary draft:

    Mother with baby:

    View from (near) the top of the volcano:

    Ama Ware tells about the trip up to, and back from, the volcano (Roka Tenda):

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